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WH Classic Blue


The WH Classic Blue is a minimalist and elegant deck produced by WH Decks. A good choice for cardists and magicians


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WH Escape Time


WH Escape Time Playing Cards

This time WH went even farther with the design in working on the second edition of the deck since the launch of the first almost a year ago. The deck will be printed by USPCC, and will be made in partnership with Escape Time, a big company of Escape Rooms. WH Escape Time will enter in history as the second version of the first deck for Brazil’s cardistry.

The design is minimalist and elegant, with WH Decks logo in the center. The borders are thin and doubled, which provides a nice effect when doing fans that get stripped — black and white.

The faces of the cards are all personalized and enigmatic.

The Court cards are also personalized. Some of then have the drawings of the first deck, and others are standard, but all of them are designed with small details that make the deck even more interesting.

The cards will come in an order — the cyclical and mathematical order created by the magician Si Stebbins in 1898 — allowing you to discover the exact position of each card in the deck.

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